African America art from Kinsey Collection shown in Tacoma

A new exhibit at the Tacoma Art Museum is looking to fill the gaps in human consciousness and standard education regarding African American history.

Beginning Saturday, the museum will feature over 150 artifacts from the renowned Kinsey African American Art & History Collection.

“There are those who have contributed … vastly to this country, and continue to, but aren’t acknowledged as the contributors,” Khalil Kinsey said in an interview with The News Tribune. “As a result, that allows for a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of intolerance, a lot of misinformation and lies.”

Khalil is the general manager

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Painting ‘outside’ the lines: Local artists take their hobby outdoors – The Advocate-Messenger

Many artists paint in a studio, and Donna Forgacs is no different. But what she really enjoys is stepping outside and creating works of art through a style known as en plein air, or “in the open air.”

Forgacs, who lives in Danville, paints with her husband, Joe. She has always had an interest in art, even from her childhood.

She has been retired for about 10 years now from her career as a Boyle County extension agent, and she finds herself painting more frequently, which was a goal as retirement approached.

“I got my studio ready while I was

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Polygenic Cancer Risk Score Mitigated by Healthy Lifestyle, Study Suggests

NEW YORK – Healthy lifestyle habits appear to dial down cancer risk in individuals who carry genetic variant profiles linked to elevated risk for one or more cancer types, new research suggests.

Our findings indicate that everyone should have a healthy lifestyle to decrease overall cancer risk,” co-senior and co-corresponding author Guangfu Jin, a professor at Nanjing Medical University, said in a statement. “This is particularly important for individuals with a high genetic risk of cancer.”

For a study published in Cancer Research on Wednesday, Jin and his colleagues first came up with incidence-weighted cancer polygenic risk

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DMX, Juice WRLD, Alanis Morissette Get Spotlight in HBO’s ‘Music Box’ Documentary Series Trailer

HBO is pressing play on “Music Box,” a documentary feature showcase series from Bill Simmons that examines historic and pivotal moments in music.

The movies in the series began airing this past weekend with the debut of “Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage.”

Each of the films are helmed by a different director and will run under the “Music Box” banner through late fall. Simmons, longtime sports writer and pop culture commentator, is executive producer through his role as head of The Ringer content banner, which has an overall deal at HBO.

Other titles set for the “Music Box” series

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Lakeland Community College musical ensemble programs seeking musicians, vocalists

KIRTLAND, Ohio — Lakeland Community College in Lake County is seeking musicians and vocalists for its five musical ensemble programs for the upcoming semester.

With the musical programs returning to in-person rehearsals and programs, Lakeland Community College is inviting musicians with the equivalent of at least two years of high school level music making to schedule auditions.

While Lakeland students are encouraged to audition and can earn one college credit per semester of participation, the ensembles are open to any qualified community member.

The ensembles include:

  • The Lakeland Civic Band – This large concert band, under the direction of Daniel
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