Ball State’s Healthy Lifestyle Center recognized ‘100,000 Award’

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Ball State University’s Healthy Lifestyle Center (HLC) has been recognized for its dedication to the neighbors and communities it serves.

The Healthy Community Alliance of East Central Indiana (HCA), in its annual partner meeting, presented its “100,000 Award in Memory of Dr. George Branam” to the Healthy Lifestyle Center. The annual award is given to an organization that supports the work of the HCA through outstanding leadership, innovative collaborations, and an unwavering dedication to improving the health and well-being of the community, according to a release.

“This award has special meaning for me personally, as I valued Dr. Branam as a personal mentor for many years and benefited immensely from his friendship and collegiality,” said Leonard Kaminsky, director of the Fisher Institute for Health and Well-Being at Ball State. “Speaking on behalf of our dedicated faculty, staff, and collaborators, we deeply appreciate this recognition and look forward to continued service to our fellow community members.”