Painting ‘outside’ the lines: Local artists take their hobby outdoors – The Advocate-Messenger

Many artists paint in a studio, and Donna Forgacs is no different. But what she really enjoys is stepping outside and creating works of art through a style known as en plein air, or “in the open air.”

Forgacs, who lives in Danville, paints with her husband, Joe. She has always had an interest in art, even from her childhood.

She has been retired for about 10 years now from her career as a Boyle County extension agent, and she finds herself painting more frequently, which was a goal as retirement approached.

“I got my studio ready while I was

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Hunter Biden snaps at critics of art dealings: ‘F— em’

Hunter Biden, the scandal-plagued son of President Biden, has choice words for critics of his high-priced art dealings 

The younger Biden appeared Thursday on art podcast Nota Bene, where he responded to critics of his art dealings by saying “f— ’em.” 

Hunter’s paintings are priced between $75,000 and $500,000, despite his lack of artistic experience, raising alarms among ethics experts. 

“I never said what my art was going to cost or how much it would be priced at,” Biden told hosts Nate Freeman and Benjamin Godsill. 

“I’d be amazed if my art had sold for $10, just because

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‘What is being sold is the Biden name’

Hunter Biden’s artwork, the prices for which range between $75,000 and $500,000, are highly overpriced and indicate that buyers will be paying for the Biden last name, rather than the art itself, experts say.

Their assessments will likely add to what is a growing ethics problem for President Biden.

Three art critics and one art professor – Geoffrey Young, Ben Davis, Tabish Khan and John Ploff, respectively – told POLITICO that the prices for Hunter’s artwork are nowhere close to where they should be for a budding artist.

Young said the president’s son’s paintings were “better” than he thought

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The Obama Portraits Are Going On A 5-City Tour That You Don’t Want To Miss

Obama Presidential Portraits On Display In Chicago

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

This summer, the five museums are welcoming prominent Black artists into their space. Kehinde Wiley’s painting of Barack Obama and Amy Sherald’s painting of Michelle Obama will be on display at five major museums for the Obama Portraits Tour. The first stop is the Art Institute of Chicago where the paintings will be there for your viewing pleasure until August 15. The Obama portraits will then visit museums in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston until May 2022. Along with the portraits, educational workshops, audio-visual elements and curated

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Penn State graduate student features ‘inner beauty’ within art exhibition at Woskob Family Gallery | State College News

State College has welcomed a new art exhibition — a showcase of complex emotion, inner beauty and one Penn State graduate student’s wide range of artistic capabilities.

The exhibition by Yeonhye Park is titled “The Eternity of the Moment” and resides within the Woskob Family Gallery downtown. It contains three ceramic pieces, an installation and nine paintings.

“I’ve studied in Korea and China, so I had exhibitions in different countries, but [this] is my first experience in the U.S.,” Park (graduate-painting and drawing) said. “I am excited to have this show, and the scale is also quite huge.”

Park said

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Hunter Biden expected to meet with potential art buyers before anonymous sales

Hunter Biden is expected to meet with prospective buyers at two art shows where his paintings will be on display later this year, according to a spokesperson for the New York gallery retained to sell art made by the president’s son.

The shows, a small, private affair in Los Angeles and a larger exhibition in New York City, will give Biden an opportunity to interact with potential buyers of his paintings, which the gallery expects to sell for as much as $500,000.

Asked whether Hunter Biden would attend both events, Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis said, “Oh yes. With

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