In-person artist receptions return to the Pump House Regional Arts Center | Local News

The Pump House Regional Arts Center in downtown La Crosse will host an open house and in-person artist reception from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6, featuring exhibiting artists Jennifer Williams, Scott Onsager, Carissa Brudos and Drazen Dupor. This art gallery exhibition began Tuesday, July 20, and runs through Saturday, Sept. 11.

Jennifer Williams’ “Painting Us Forward” exhibition in the Kader Gallery communicates hope and resilience through visual storytelling. It features painted portraits of small business owners, accompanied by their own stories of the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on their business.

“Children’s Story Time: Family Legends Retold” by Scott

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Chinese artist duo TaMen uses NFT to authenticate US$23,000 dogecoin painting, in new frontier for blockchain ledger technology

Lai Shengyu and Yang Xiaogang, who are behind the Hunan artistic duo TaMen, have taken Chinese contemporary art to a new frontier by tapping blockchain technology to show how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used to bust fakes and safeguard artists’ copyrights.

TaMen, which means “they” in Mandarin, are known for their surrealistic paintings that often depict the contradictory nature of societal progression and corruption. The duo tokenised one of their physical paintings and sold an NFT together with the artwork to a Hong Kong-based buyer for HK$180,000 (US$23,168) worth of bitcoin through art brokerage Macey & Sons this month.

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Artist Alice Neel, a collector of souls

In the 1978 documentary “Alice Neel: They Are Their Own Gifts,” the artist said, “One of the reasons I painted was to catch life as it goes by, right hot off the griddle. …

“With me, painting was more than a profession; it was also an obsession. I had to paint.”

The late artist called herself “a collector of souls,” and those souls are now on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The exhibit, “Alice Neel: People Come First,” was co-curated by Kelly Baum.

Correspondent Faith Salie asked, “When people walk in and meet this

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El Paso ‘Chuco Pop’ artist Juan Ornelas highlights border culture

El Paso artist Juan Ornelas’ paintings highlight the unique beauty and harsh truths of the Borderland.

He calls his blend of pop art and border culture “Chuco Pop.” 

“Pop art to me is everything,” Ornelas said. “I’ve always been a Warhol fan, and pop art really speaks to me and you can express a lot of emotion and portray a lot because people understand pop art and artwork. And it’s just the easiest way to get a message across.”

The 37-year-old’s work will be on exhibit at Galeria Lincoln, 3915 Rosa Ave., through the end of July.

He said that

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Bayview Park to be canvas for artist Mwanel Pierre-Louis

The basketball courts at Bayview Park in Erie’s West Bayfront neighborhood will soon get a new coat of paint — but not the kind you might imagine.

Florida artist Mwanel Pierre-Louis won’t be drawing new baselines or sidelines or an arcing three-point line. Instead, he’ll transform the two courts into an 11,000 square-foot mural that’s been commissioned by Erie Arts & Culture, Executive Director Patrick Fisher announced Monday.

This is an aerial photo of Bayview Park in Erie's west bayfront neighborhood. Florida-based artist Mwanel Pierre-Louis will design a mural for the courts, which will be painted in September.

“There are examples of basketball court murals throughout the nation,” Fisher said. “They’re a great way to add some vibrancy to the existing blacktop and create some accessible public art in a

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Meet music artist Brooke Korine, the positive influencer of your dreams

Photo courtesy Brooke Korine / Thomas Herd

Opinions expressed by Digital Journal contributors are their own.

In the modern day, countless content creators do their best to make it big on their social media platform of choice. While anyone can pick up a phone and post, the ones that truly stand apart are the ones who offer not just style, but substance. Music artist and model Brooke Korine has this in droves, showing off her beautiful looks while likewise doling out her incredible lifestyle knowledge in droves.

After successfully building a following on Instagram, Korine decided to use her platform

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